The Kind Hive

Beeswax wraps are making huge waves on the internet these days. No surprise there - these things are amazing! When you consider the current state of our environment, they make a great alternative to standard plastic wrap and zip-top bags.

We wanted to get in on the action, and provide you with wraps made here in the gorgeous Okanagan Valley using the highest quality ingredients. And so, the Kind Hive was born, based in beautiful Kelowna, BC, Canada.

We take great care in selecting beautiful 100% organic cotton fabric, and use only organic beeswax from Canadian beekeepers to create a great product that you'll love using in your home.

Why beeswax wraps?

As Canadians, a third of the plastic we use is single-use, meaning we use it once then throw it away. Subsequently, we are tossing over 3 million tons of this plastic away every year. It’s killing or injuring an enormous number of animals, especially those living in or near the oceans. Our government is taking steps toward lessening our impact, and we wanted to be part of the solution.

So. Those miles and miles of plastic wrap we all use in our homes on a daily basis? There is a kind alternative: beeswax wraps! Not only do we love being able to offer a Canadian-made product, but we also love the positive impact it makes on our environment.

You can be part of the solution, too!

Get your hands on some today!

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