Small - 6 x 9"

The perfect size for small items, like pieces of fruit or snacks.

$8 CAD each.

Sold individually, in a 2-pack, or in our 3-pack.

Medium - 10 x 10"

Use this for covering plates and dishes, or fold into a packet.

$10 CAD each.

Sold individually, in a 2-pack, or in our 3-pack.

Large - 11 x 15"

Made with your 9x13 baking dish in mind!

$12 CAD each.

Sold individually or in our 3-pack.

2-Pack - Small

Two Small

Buy a 2-Pack and save!

$15 CAD each.

2-Pack - Medium

Two Medium

Buy a 2-Pack and save!

$19 CAD each.


One Small, Medium, & Large

Buy a 3-Pack and save!

$28 CAD each.


We do custom orders!

Have a specific size or shape in mind?

Email us today.


Why choose The Kind Hive Beeswax Wraps?

  • We're local: our products are designed and hand-made in the Okanagan Valley.
  • We're natural: we only use 100% pure, natural beeswax and food-grade tree rosin.
  • We're organic: our cotton, beeswax, and jojoba oil are all 100% organic. Nature does it best!
  • Our organic beeswax is sourced from the Okanagan. You're supporting Made in Canada on two levels.
  • We're pretty: our cotton prints are carefully chose to be fun, trendy, and beautiful, just like you! They'll look great in your kitchen and in your lunch bag!

The Kind Hive Beeswax Wraps are designed and made in Canada with the environment in mind at every step:
  • Our organic cotton is washed in cold water using environmentally conscious plant-based, scent-free detergent.
  • Each wrap is hand-crafted individually, one at a time. No heavy machinery here; just elbow grease.
  • All of our ingredients are either organic or completely natural - stuff you can feel good about using!
  • Our packaging also matters: we use 100% recycled paper - please recycle it when you're finished with it.

Get your hands on some today!

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